Marre Co., Ltd.       Japan, Tokyo, Minato-ku, Nishishinbashi 2-19-4

Tel: (+81) 03-5733-5563

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To Connect the World and Japan

MARRE began from a very small question.
It was difficult to find the Turkish ingredients in Japan back then, and it was difficult to come across it at a storefront. Why cannot the Japanese people who prefer delicious food eat the Turkish ingredients which take pride in their 100% food self-sufficiency rate? The dream to have Japanese people to eat the fresh ingredients that grew in the best conditions developed more, and the number of our products increased correspondingly.

As we continued to put our effort, our products and the Turkish ingredients slowly but accurately gained fame in Japan. We opened a new brand named MARRE, to continue our hard work to serve safe and high-quality Turkish ingredients to the world. We hope to continue our progress not only on food but also as a connection of countries. 

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